I am an economist with the U.S. Treasury Deparment in Washington D.C.. I graduated with my Ph.D. in economics from the Universty of Michigan in 2021. My research is primarily in labor economics, public economics, economic demography and applied econometrics. This website describes my previous and current research and my teaching history, and offers my CV. Unless otherwise noted, all opinions and conclusions in my research are mine alone and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.

Published Research

How Well Do Record Linkage Algorithms Perform? Lessons from U.S. Historical Data
(with Martha Bailey, Morgan Henderson and Catherine Massey)
Journal of Economic Literature, 58(4) (2020), 997-1044.
[pdf] [published paper (gated)]
Simple Strategies for Improving Inference with Linked Data: a Case Study of the 1850–1930 IPUMS Linked Representative Historical Samples
(with Martha Bailey and Catherine Massey)
Historical Methods, 53(2) (2019), 80–93.
[pdf] [published paper (gated)]

Working Papers

Effect of Family Income in Infancy on Child and Adult Outcomes: New Evidence Using Census Data and Tax Discontinuities (Job Market Paper)
(Most recent version from 2021)
The 2010 National Organizations Survey: Examining the Relationships Between Job Quality and the Domestic and International Sourcing of Business Functions by United States Organizations
(with Clair Brown and Timothy Sturgeon)
(Most recent version from 2013)

Research in Progress

Estimating Costs of Reporting Responses to Taxes: Evidence from the Child Tax Credit
(with Teju Velayudhan)
Effects of Minimum Wage Policies on Firms: Evidence from Germany
(with Giacomo Brusco)

Marginal Treatment Effects and Random Judge Assignment - Too LATE to Tell?